Pub food #2: Garlic bread

The next installment in the pub food series is the most common one: Garlic bread. This recipe is very easy, it only requires six ingredients and it can be done in less than 3 minutes. Cooking takes about 10 minutes; so you will have garlicky, cheesy and spicy garlic bread on your table in no time. Let’s make it.

You will need:

2 small cloves of garlic

Pinch of salt

4 tablespoons of olive oil

1 mozzarella ball

1 loaf of multigrain bread or ciabatta

2 pinches of mixed, Italian dried herbs


Let’s get going.

Chop you garlic cloves and add them to the mortar. Add a pinch of salt and bash it until it becomes like a paste.

IMAG1524 IMAG1525 IMAG1526

Add the olive oil and one pinch of mixed herbs and mix with the pestle.

IMAG1527 IMAG1528

Cut your bread lengthwise and using a teaspoon spread the flavoured olive oil on the bread.

IMAG1529 IMAG1530

Using your fingers shred the mozzarella ball and spread it over the bread.

IMAG1531 IMAG1532

Put it in the oven until the cheese melts.


Take it out, sprinkle with the rest of the herbs and cut into portions.

IMAG1534 IMAG1535

Serve with an ice cold beer!



-If you like the taste of garlic you can increase the quantity. I like it very garlicky so I added two large cloves.

-If you are on the spicy side, you can add in the olive oil mixture one teaspoon of crushed, dried chilies.

-You can serve you garlic bread with a marinara sauce dip.


Until next time,

The digital cook.


About digitalcook

A programmer for a large company with an even larger interest in foods of the world
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    OMG I loooove garlic toast! Noms, thanks for the add btw 😀

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    Nommy garlic toast 🙂

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